2015 Clio 182 Championship Regulations Approved

The 750 Motor Club have announced the 2015 Clio 182 Championship Regulations have been approved by the MSA.

You can download the 2015 Regulations here.

It doesn’t appear that much has changed since 2014 however, it’s worth noting this year you’ll need to carry an on-board camera:

Section 2.13

All competitors are required to carry an on board in car camera for the primary purpose of safety.  Footage from the cameras may be used where there is an incident which is subsequently brought before the Clerk of the Course for investigation.  The decision to
review any such video footage is at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course, the Stewards of the Meeting, the Championship Stewards or the Championship organisers.
(i) It is the competitor’s sole responsibility to ensure safe installation
and effective operation of the camera equipment. At all times cameras must be fitted in accordance with MSA Regulations and be approved by the Chief Scrutineer in accordance with J.5.20.5
(ii) Cameras must mounted in a central to left position with the
steering wheel and front windscreen in clear view

The Clio 182 Championship registration is also open.

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